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SuperMe Student workshops
SuperMe school based student programmes aim to educate and empower. We are hugely aware of the dynamics that can exist within a classroom, and our workshops are aimed at all the individual roles within the group.

We now offer 3 workshops depending on your priorities;

  1. This workshop is fully comprehensive and is divided in 3 parts and is hugely interactive and is fully research and experience based. Defining bullying and negative behaviours, empathy development and understanding of empathy and finally assertiveness and strategies for dealing with bullying. The workshop aids those engaging in bullying, those watching it and those being targeted by bullying. It uses a lot of role play and is energising. Read some testimonials from our participants
  2. This shorter workshop is aimed at younger students (junior infants – 2nd class) and teaches, through story, the importance of tolerating difference and inclusion of all in a class setting, regardless of looks, interests, abilities etc.
  3. This workshop is for 3rd – 6th class and is focused on tolerance and empathy. The main ethos behind this workshop is that not everyone can be friends, but everyone must be respectful and tolerant and fair. Empathy and assertiveness, as always is at the core of our workshops.

Staff Inservice
Our staff inservice training sessions run for 1.5 – 2 hours and covers policy development, legal obligations, interactive exercises, lesson ideas, investigate ideas and methods of intervention.
We focus on restorative methods in schools and refer all options for children requiring further assistance and supporting staff in recognising such symptoms and needs

Parent Seminars
Understanding bullying, Empowering children, and strategies for intervention. Our parent seminars run for 1.5 – 2 hours and have developed a reputation as the best on the subject

Policy Development
To ensure your anti bullying policy is in keeping with the recent department of education guidelines (2013) and to encompass your schools values, ethos and missions. We can work with heads of schools, boards of management, parent and student groups to ensure all members of the school community are involved in a comprehensive policy development.
These consultations are usually 1.5 – 2 hours, with follow up

Crisis Intervention & Mediation
No matter how thorough and restorative your school is in it’s approaches to dealing with bullying, situations can arise whereby students are engaged in negative behaviours and intensive intervention is required. The SuperMe team are trained and qualified in meditative practices and are equipped to come in and engage in restorative sessions with small groups of students.

Testimonials from Teachers

Having met Jenny informally to discuss the format of her talk, I was happy to book Jenny to give the “Let’s Talk about Bullying” talk at our school. The feedback from our parent body has been excellent. Jenny presented the talk in a thought provoking and informative way. An enlightening talk which was interactive and honest. Everyone came away having learned something including ways to counteract bullying! I couldn’t recommend Jenny enough!
St Patrick’s NS Parents Association, Diswellstown

Jennifer Ryan visited Headfort in September 2011 to educate our staff and our children about bullying in all its forms and, more to the point, how best to combat it. Jennifer took the lead role in the session with the Headfort staff. The staff are quite a disparate bunch, with many different roles – our school is almost unique (we are a primarily boarding school for children between seven and thirteen). So, Jenny had to aim her talk at teachers, matrons, office staff, kitchen staff – all the people who come into contact with the children on a daily basis. Not an easy group!

Staff at a school like Headfort are people who are immersed in their jobs very deeply. We work long hours, often until 9.30 at night, and weekend work is not unusual. Hence, we (especially the teachers among us) can regard ourselves as the experts, making us a difficult group to win over for an outsider. Well, Jennifer did an exceptional job. Very quickly it was apparent that this was a person who really knew her stuff; she had a nuanced, sophisticated way of discussing children and their foibles. Before long she had the difficult Headfort staff eating out of the proverbial palm of her hand! More to the point, she provided us with strategies and ideas that we knew we could try to put into practice.

I highly recommend Jennifer for any schools or organisations that are serious about tackling bullying in a systematic manner. Needless to say, if you have any questions about this letter, please do not hesitate to be in touch.
Dermot Dix

Sutton Park School PTA invited Jenny Ryan to speak to Junior School parents on the subject of bullying in the Autumn of 2011. Jenny’s presentation style was both professional and open (with a high degree of audience interaction). Without exception, all who attended found the information imparted during the presentation and subsequent discussions to be invaluable, and clearly informed by many years of hands-on experience as well as study in the areas of bullying, relationship management and psychology. In particular, parents commented on the clear and concise information and advice regarding the signs of bullying, why victims do or don’t tell and the critical importance of the role of ‘bystanders’ in bullying situations. Jenny’s considerable experience and wisdom in the area of bullying psychology and management, coupled with a most insightful analysis and accomplished delivery of the most pertinent information on such a critical topic, provided an excellent learning opportunity for all concerned, and I would highly recommend Jenny as a speaker to any primary or secondary school seeking assistance in this and other related areas of school life.
Yvonne Butler
Chairperson, PTA Sutton Park School

Read Jennifer’s Articles on Mummy Pages
Read Jennifer’s Articles on Mummy Pages

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