Jennifer Ryan

jennifer-ryan-solutiosnJennifer Ryan is the founder and director of Solutions. She obtained her BSc in Psychology in 2003. She then graduated from the Univerisity of Leicester with a MSc in Applied Forensic Psychology in 2006. Jennifer’s research paper in 2006 was titled ‘the role of gender and moral development on aggression in adolescence.’

Jennifer has recently trained with ZAP UK, to provide Irelands’ first therapeutic, practical intervention to victims of bullying.

In 2010, Jennifer graduated from DCU with a Higher Diploma in Educational Guidance and Counselling. She also recently completed her training in conflict resolution and mediation with Northside Mediation.
She has been working as Guidance Counsellor for 9 years and she is a parttime lecturer in Psychology in Trinity College Dublin. She also lectures in UCD on the Graduate Diploma in child mental health.

At present, Jennifer specialises in her anti bullying practices, providing seminars, workshops, mediation and therapeutic interventions. She provides one to one consultations with anyone concerned about bullying. She works with young people involved in bullying situations using restorative methods and assertiveness and self esteem sessions. She is the ‘ask the expert’ for bullying on the Irish help resource website . Jennifer’s focus throughout her work is the development and nurturing of empathic skills which is crucial to breaking the cycle of bullying.

Jennifer has a special interest in promoting non discipline methods of dealing with bullying in schools and using measures that assist in healthy emotional development of young people, both those victimised by and engaging in bullying behaviours. She does this through the use of mediation and assertiveness and self esteem workshops.


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