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Jennifer Ryan

Founded by Jennifer Ryan, SuperMe aims to empower children to stand up to bullying. Jennifer holds a BSc in psychology, a MSc in applied forensic psychology from the university of Leicester and post graduate diploma in guidance and counselling from DCU. She has also gained a diploma in conflict resolution and mediation.
Jennifer has many years experience in schools & universities and she has built a team of specialists at SuperMe who are committed to the education of bullying and to restoring relationships and rebuilding individuals.
Jennifer believes bullying occurs when a lack of empathy meets with a lack of assertiveness and she is committed to providing help to young people, their families and schools on both these key life skills. The imbalance of power is at the heart of all bullying issues and young people need to skills to recognise and effectively combat these issues.

Sarah O’Hanrahan

Sarah O’Hanrahan

Sarah O’Hanrahan is an Educational Psychologist who has experience working with children and adolescents; covering educational, psychological, emotional and behavioural needs.  Sarah attained her undergraduate degree in psychology and further added to this by obtaining First Class Honours Masters in both Mental Health (children and adolescents) in Trinity College Dublin and Educational Psychology in University College Dublin. As part of her training, as an Educational Psychologist she completed research on cyber bullying within child and adolescent mental health services in Ireland. Sarah has also published research in relation to ADHD, service user satisfaction amongst others.

Sarah now works as an Educational Psychologist in both a private capacity and as part of an Early Intervention Team in the HSE. In the past Sarah has worked with children with autism in a school setting. She has also held both clinical and research positions in a child and adolescent mental health clinic. Along with experience as a research psychologist in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital working on a clinical trial for children with ADHD.

Sarah is passionate about supporting young people in all aspects of their lives. It is this passion that has led Sarah to join with Jenny in developing MyLife. Sarah trained with Kidscape in London in the ZAP programme over four years ago, since then she has been running therapeutic workshops. Sarah brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to MyLife and is committed to empowering the lives of young people through the work of MyLife.