Update: Parenting Seminar

A parenting seminar will take place in Howth Yacht Club, Howth, Co Dublin on Tue 12th Nov and will take a common sense approach to the complexities of so many concerns facing our young people today. We will address everyday day issues like bullying, friendship, dynamics and how to understand and navigate the myriad of challenges we are faced as parents. The talk is aimed at primary & post primary children.


Welcome to the SuperMe revolution. Have you had enough of bullying? Are you fed up with everyone talking about bullying, but nothing changing?

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SuperMe Workshop / One to One sessions

A new and unique programme in Ireland. SuperMe assertiveness workshops work with children who are targeted by bullying and their families to teach real life skills to empower and enable them to stand up for themselves.


RTE - Today wth Sean O'Rourke
Not every child is bullied so why do some get picked on and others aren’t touched? And how can we make sure our child and every child does not endure the torment? Joining Keelin this morning was psychologist Jennifer Ryan from SuperMe.

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Recent Irish Times Feature

Recent Irish Times Feature

Recent Irish Times article by Aine McMahon featuring Jennifer and SuperMe.